About Us : One Stop Services


The One Stop Services-Center (OSS-C) at BKPM was innaugurated on 26 January 2015 to provide a simpler, faster, more transparent and integrated service for investors in Indonesia.

Investors are no longer need to go around Jakarta to consult and obtain permits. At the OSS-C, 22 ministries and government institutions are now integrated. Investment licenses for almost all sectors have been delegated and served at BKPM, such as manufacturing industry, power, oil and gas and tourism sectors.

Having investment licenses processed in one system and working together under one roof will facilitate better coordination among related parties at the national level. This allows authorities to reduce the process time, synchronize procedures, avoid authority overlap and eliminate red tape.

The OSS-C offers the service to facilitate various consultations, inquiries, and document admission pertaining to investment subject matter which is performed by FO, while the Back Office will focus on due diligence groundwork and processing of investment related licensing matters. Diagram below shows the current frameworks on the flow of BKPM new OSS-C concept.
The platform was formed by joint operation between BKPM & 22 government bodies consisting of various ministries, government agencies and institutions.

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